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Thursday, 2 November 2017


Asalaam aleikum loves, Happy November, i don't usually celebrate any of these months but i suppose i'm in a good mood today. Alhamdulilah,

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Red Stripes

Asalaam aleikum guys, Hope you're all well. Very unlike me to do a blog post at this time of the night, it's 10:30pm but i sleep early and i am totally unproductive at night. So i did a little vote on instagram between doing instagram posts and blog posts and most people said instagram but there was a good number that said blogposts. I just wanted to see the preference, not that it swayed my decision because i personally prefer my blog. It's more personal and intimate and the readers of this blog are my favourite people, Leave a comment below, let's interact. I get so sick of social media because of how detached everything seems, it's too vain and i, most of the time wonder why i'm still on that platform. I recently deleted close to 3k male followers in an attempt to make it more 'halal' and justifiable but that did not do anything for me. I am hoping to get to a place where that platform is serving a purpose bigger than myself..until then..taking one day at a time. 
Let's talk fashion, the dress i'm wearing has huge cuff sleeves that was inspired by this new shirt trend. It's striped and in red too? Say no more fam. It's a Moderne piece and everything i make for moderne is inspired by something beautiful but mainstream and then i turn it into a modest fit for women who prefer modesty. Paired it with some androgynous shoes that have a plastic leather finish look to them which i am also wearing in this , hijab ofcourse Bold red lip, my new fav cat-eye sunnies which i'm wearing throughout because i can't be bothered with eye make up lol. 
Dress- ModerneModerne
Shoes- Bus station
Hijab- Eastleigh (Hong kong)
Sunnies- Town
Photography- Little Red
Location- Nasimiinteriors

Sunday, 1 October 2017


 Asalaam aleikum loves, hope you're all well. These weren't the pictures i was going to post but they are too fire to not do a blogpost on. I am

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lessons learnt; OUTLIERS

Asalaam aleikum loves, Hey. I am currently in Mogadishu for work, i got here in the morning and the internet at my hotel room is what i imagine a slow painful

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Winning Woman- Khadija Farah

     Asalaam aleikum, Meet Khadija, a photographer, writer and conservationist. The intros are abit of a repeat of the first question's answers lol but it has to start like that. I do not know many people on instagram that are unapologetically themselves, and this girl is one of the few who are. Her work is absolutely breath taking, like ever seen a picture that makes you feel something? Yap, that's her work. She says her best trait is that she manages to find humor in everything, no wonder she is so funny. 
As always, be inspired, i am. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The One With The Red Skirt

Asalaam aleikum loves! Eid Mubarak to those of you that are celebrating. I'll be honest and say that my Eid was not fun, i was working for the first half of it- seriously people

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Winning woman- Munira Khamis Sahal

 Asalaam aleikum loves, Meet Munira,a 22yr old girl with a Masters in chemical engineering and make up skills like no other. I first came across her page after she gave me a shoutout on Instagram saying the kindest thing, talk about women who support other women right! In fact i was inspired to revive this segment after seeing her graduation day post. I don't know a lot of chemical engineers and i'm happy to know (virtually) a Muslim woman who is one. As always, be inspired, you know i am.